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Flexcharge 12V 300W/25A Charging/Diverting Control
ABS Part No.: NC25A-12

SES Flexcharge's NC25A load-diverting charge controller is the most efficient charge controller on the market. With an average 99.5% charging efficiency, you'll get approximately 11 watts more charging energy when running 12 amps of charging current through your controller.

The NC25A's charge diverting function, which prevents battery overcharging, can be wired to direct excess current to another task. This can be useful for heating, running fans or pumps, or for placing a load on permanent magnet charging sources (such as many small wind generators), to prevent over speed conditions.

These units are designed for long-term, no-maintenance use. With transient voltage protection, steady-state voltage protection, reverse polarity protection on battery connections, and fully sealed electronics for outdoor or marine installation, the NC25A is extremely reliable.

The NC25A is easy to install, with an easy-access terminal strip for wiring connections, an adjustable peak charge voltage setting, and a single LED indicator to show whether the unit is charging, diverting, or your batteries are extremely low. The NC25A is expandable to hundreds of amps and can grow with your system. Multiple battery banks can be charged with one unit with the use of standard battery charging isolators.

No EMI or RFI noise to interfere with sensitive radio or navigation electronics.

For charging Flooded Lead Acid, AGM, Gel & Flooded Ni-Cad Batteries.

This listing is for the 12V model of the NC25A. Please see our other listings for the 24V and 48V (special order) models.


  • 5 year Manufacturers warranty.
  • Completely sealed electronics for marine or outdoor surface mounting.
  • Low battery voltage indicator. (flashing red light).
  • ARC reduction circuitry to eliminate or reduce relay contact wear.
  • Charging efficiency better than 99.50% from 0.5A to 30A of charging current.
  • Operates efficiently (98%) with as little as 0.1A of solar panel charging current.
  • Efficiently charges batteries from 0 volts with full power.
  • 25 Amp charge capacity. Special Order 48V models, or expanded models with charging current capacities up to 2000A.
  • 25 Amp charge divert circuit. Stable divert circuitry prevents erratic relay switching if charge source voltage drops.
  • Diverts only when voltage and current are at usable levels. Perfect for motor type divert loads (fans, pumps, etc...)
  • Peak charge voltage adjustment with a range of 13.8V to 15.9V (Multiply by 2 or 4 to find voltages for 24V or 48V versions).
  • Charges with the same high accuracy through battery isolators.
  • Consumes less than 5mA (0.005A) while charging and at night, 2mA if you do not use the charge indicator.
  • Charges batteries at full power, below the plate saturation point, this charges batteries faster, and reduces electrolyte depletion by up to 90% over conventional constant voltage, PWM, & High Frequency charge regulators.
  • Batteries start charging at 0.005A of charge current.
  • Controller can withstand open circuit input spikes of 1500V/A, & 140V continuous without damage.
  • Reverse polarity and transient voltage protection on the battery sense wires.
  • No power wasting sample periods.
  • Remote battery voltage sensing so the controller can be mounted anywhere between the charging source and the batteries.
  • Easy to install using the labeled corrosions resistant nickel / brass / Stainless Steel connectors. Accepts up to #8 AWG wire.
  • U/L 94V-O rated enclosure and UL listed or recognized components.
  • Dimensions: 3.9"W, 3.8"T, 1.5"D.
  • NC25, NC25A/12, NC25A-12, flex charge

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