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DLS 24V/25A Power Supply/Charger
ABS Part No.: DLS27-25

Protect your batteries from poorly adjusted generators, and unreliable public power outages/brown-outs. Iota's DLS series converter-chargers provide high quality DC power wherever a source of 110 volt AC power is available. Whether you are using a generator or want a reliable power conditioner. DLS Power Converters protect your batteries and DC appliances from power spikes and fluctuations.

DLS-27-25 is set to a voltage compatible for use as a Charger or Converter/Power Supply for 24 volt systems. AC input 108-132VAC, 47-63Hz. Please see specifications for details. Recommended charge rate is 15% of battery bank capacity. i.e. 100AH x 0.15 = 15 amp charger. Highly recommended not to exceed charge rate over 20% of battery bank capacity.

DLS series chargers can be used with the IQ-4, 4-stage smart controller for maximum charging efficiency and battery life. Buy an external IQ-4 plug it in instead of the dual voltage jack, or contact us to order with the internal IQ-4 option. Or note in the comments at check out if you wish to add on the internal IQ-4 controller as an option for +$30.00.
See our description on the IQ-4 for more information on it.
Without the IQ-4 a dual voltage jack is used to provide manual, two-stage adjustment between long term storage (27.2v) and charging voltage (~29.6v).

  • State-of-the-Art switch mode technology. Engineered with the user and variable environmental conditions in mind.
  • Exceptionally clean DC output. Insures pumps, motors, fans, lights, etc. work correctly. Meaning longer life for connected loads; virtually no AC ripple to cause static or premature failure of radio or television equipment.
  • Quickly and efficiently charges batteries. When used as a battery charger (make sure ordering correct voltage setting model).
  • Protection against low and transient AC line voltage; as well as spikes.
  • Meets F.C.C. criteria, minimizing radio and television equipment interference. Especially on the lower frequency bands.
  • Can be used with or without a battery. When used as a convert/power supply. When not in use it is essentially off, reducing electricity usage.
  • Lower Operating temperature. Half that of some switch mode electronic models. Meaning substantially longer life and safer operation.
  • Tight line-load regulation. Ensures that the output voltage holds steady from no load to full load. Keeps pumps, motors, lights, fans, radios, televisions, etc. at the correct voltage, even during brown-out situations.
  • Proportional Fan Circuitry. During times of heavy load demands, the automatic circuitry will activate the fan before thermal stress can occur on any internal components.
  • External Fuses. Protection against improper wiring. Easily replaced.
  • Multiple units can be operated in parallel to increase amperage, or series to increase voltage. See IQ4-Parallel to synchronize charging of two DLS chargers in parallel. CANNOT use an IQ-4 if connected in series. Iota highly recommends using the same model units when connecting in series or parallel.
  • UL Listed
  • 2 Year Iota Warranty.

Typically in stock at our Alaska and Washington locations. Internal IQ-4 is special order only in this model (thus not in stock). Please call if you need to order in quantity.

New pricing by Iota went into effect 1/30/2015.

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