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Ampair 24V 100W Regulator
ABS Part No.: D2B-24

IMPORTANT: Ampair was purchased by another company. The UW100 and the D2B regulators are now back in production, but the price has increased. We currently have 2 each D2B-24 left in stock from previously. After those sell we will only be offering them as a special order item with an anticipated 2-4 week lead time.

This Ampair manufactured 100 Watt battery charge control regulator, (D2B) is available in 12 or 24 volt options for protectiing lead acid batteries from overcharge. It is a 'shunt' type regulator, which dissipates excess charge as heat in a 'dump load' resistor. The D2B supercedes the SM-1B, SM-3B and DM-1B regulators, which were discontinued as of March 1, 2013.

Ampair's 24V D2B-24 Charge Controller Regulator is designed for charging a single or dual 24V battery bank with one 100W Ampair turbine & up to 100W of Solar. You cannot input two turbines; can only input one 100W turbine and the 100W of solar on separate inputs.

Key Features (per Ampair):

  • Suits one 100W turbines and 100W of solar PV panels and includes blocking diodes for solar PV.
  • Equally suitable for 100W wind turbines (Ampair) and water turbines (Aquair & UW).
  • Zero overcharging & high efficiency (99.5%).
  • Exceptionally low gassing (up to 90%).
  • Non-destructive micro-equalization at each full charge.
  • The battery's chemical processes actually control the charging; resulting in reduced electrolyte depletion.
  • No RFI or EMI emissions to interfere with radio equipment.
  • Adjustable characteristics to suit battery type (gel/AGM/flooded/and flooded NiCad).
  • Suits dual battery systems.
  • Robust housing with sealed electronics.
  • Housing is 11-3/4" L x 6" W (7-3/16" with mounting flange) x 5-1/4" T.
  • Charges from 0V. Charging set point is 28.5V.
  • NOTE: Regulator will not operate if not connected to a battery bank.
    Regulator should be mounted upright in a clean, dry location protected from water.

    Currently 2 in stock item at our Renton warehouse. Please call to check stock availability for large quantity or rush orders.


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