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10kW Polarwind Grid-tie Turbine
ABS Part No.: PW10K

PolarWind mid-range wind turbines perfectly span the gap between small-scale and utility-scale renewable power production. The 10kW model offers a rated power output of 10,000 watts, with maximum output of 12,200 watts, and a blade/rotor diameter of 8 meters. We offer a choice of two guyed pole towers for the 10kW PolarWind: a 60 foot tower with hinged base, or an 80 foot tower, for sites that need a little more height.

PolarWind turbines feature a revolutionary combination of small-turbine design and utliity-scale features. With a tried-and-true three-blade rotor and permanent magnet alternator, familiar to small turbine models, and a PLC-based external sensor orientation system and speed control technology found only on utility turbines before now, PolarWind turbines provide a reliable, fully optimized power source for residential, commercial and remote village power systems.

Each PolarWind turbine includes an industry-standard PVI-6000 Aurora Wind Grid-Tie inverter, with an adjustable MPPT (maximum power point tracking) system, ensuring your turbine is tuned to maximize power production in your specific wind conditions. This, combined with the low 50VDC operating threshold, enables PolarWind turbines to begin producing power at lower wind speed than any other turbine in their class.

Along with all these extensive features, you'll also know your investment is secure, with PolarWind's unprecedented five-year warranty. Please feel free to contact us, if you're interested in whether a PolarWind system is right for you!

Download more information:

Aurora Grid Tie Inverter specs

PolarWind Turbine performance statistics

Product Specification Sheet.


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