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PowerSpout Water Turbines
ABS Part No.: powerspout

PowerSpout's revolutionary line of impulse water turbines makes a number of improvements over other popular pelton wheel turbines. Starting at only $1360.00 for their educational/demonstration model, the first improvement you'll notice in your wallet!

Because PowerSpout turbines produce the same amount of power at half the rotation speed of most comparable micro-hydro turbines, and use two water spouts placing equal pressure on both sides of the center bearing, PowerSpout hydro turbines experience less wear and tear during normal use. This means you can expect your PowerSpout to last longer than competing models, making PowerSpout turbines not only more affordable than comparable-output micro-hydro systems based on initial price, but long-term maintenance costs as well.

PowerSpout offers different models for different specialized uses:

  • PowerSpout BE:This is the standard, Battery Enabled version of the PowerSpout. It must be used with external regulation to prevent overcharging of your batteries. This is our most common product line for remote properties not connected to the national grid. The turbine will generate commonly 48 vdc (12 and 24 vdc also available) and is fed into a battery bank, regulator and inverter system. 120/240 vac is supplied via an inverter to meet the needs of the home. Surplus power is diverted via the regulator to your hot water tank.
  • PowerSpout ME: Four models with Maximum Power Point Tracking integrated, for optimum charging efficiency at varying voltage levels: 100VDC, 120VDC, 150VDC and 250VDC. Depending on your location, we can help determine which ME PowerSpout would best suit your unique location.
  • PowerSpout GE:This is the Grid Enabled version of the PowerSpout for direct connection to grid-tied inverters. This product is for existing homes already on the grid that live close to a good hydro resource and want to generate power without the need for battery storage. This product is similar to the ME version but it generates a higher DC voltage up to 380 vdc to allow connection with standard grid tied inverters. At the end of the cable a grid tied inverter converts the incoming voltage to that required to supply the grid. In the event of grid failure the PowerSpout GE diverts its energy to a water heater inside the PowerSpout.

Each PowerSpout model comes with different options, enabling them to be customized for optimal performance in a wide variety of installations. Please contact us with the details of your location (how many feet of head are available at the installation site, and how many gallons per minute flow through the location where the turbine will be installed), and we can work with you to put together the perfect PowerSpout package for your needs!

Note regarding the Educational Model, it is a lower output version designed to demonstrate in the class room connected to a faucet.

Call to order:

  • In Alaska: 1-800-478-7145
  • In the rest of the US: 1-800-235-0689
  • Outside the US: 1-907-452-2002

From the manufacturer:

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