Home Power System Diagrams

Each diagram details the components needed to operate various alternative energy systems. Simply click on any component in each diagram, and you'll open a pop-window with more detailed information about that specific part. All power system diagrams include the inverter & accessories needed for AC power.

General Home Renewable Energy Systems

Outlines the basic system requirements for a solar panel, wind turbine, engine generator or hybrid power system, as well as our submersible Aquair Underwater turbine.

Pelton Wheel Water Generator System

Shows the specific components needed to operate a Pelton Wheel style micro-hydro generator. This system is somewhat more complex than the Aquair submersible turbine shown above, but offers significant power from relatively low-flow water supplies.

Household Water Pump Systems

Whether you're pumping from a deep well, or out of a pond, stream or shallow well, this diagram details the components needed to operate a quality water system for household or utility needs. Includes considerations for both solar/wind power, and regular on-grid systems.