Manufacturers' Web Sites

If you'd like more detailed information about any of our manufacturers, we have assembled the following links for companies which have websites available. ABS Alaskan, Inc. does not make any guarantees regarding the availability of information or quality of privacy practices on any of these sites.

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Solar/Water/Wind/Generator Manufacturers:

Photovoltaic Panels, Wind and Water Turbines, Engine Generators

Ampair (AQUW Water turbine)
Bergey Windpower (Wind generators)
BP Solar & Solarex (PV Panels)
Kyocera (PV Panels)
LVM Ltd. (Wind & Hydro turbines)
Matrix Solar/Photowatt (PV Panels)
Rutland (Wind generators)
Siemens Solar (PV Panels)
Southwest Windpower (Wind generators)
Unisolar (PV Panels)

Power Control & Storage Manufacturers:

Inverters, DC Converters, Controls, Batteries, Charging and Conditioning

Bogart Engineering (Trimetric monitor)
Cruising Equipment (E-Meter battery monitor)
East Penn-Deka (Industrial 2 volt battery cells)
EZ-Red (Battery maintenance accessories)
Flexcharge (NC25A charge controller)
Iota Engineering (AC to DC converter/chargers)
Kussmaul Electronics (battery chargers)
Morningstar Corp. (solar controllers)
Pulse Tech (battery pulse conditioners)
Quick Cable (battery cables, connectors & accessories)
Schneider Electric
Schumacher (battery chargers)
Statpower Inc. (inverters)
Trojan Batteries (batteries)
Xantrex Mobile (mobile inverters)

Pump & Appliance Manufacturers:

Water Heaters, Household Appliances, Water Pumps, Lighting

Controlled Energy Corp. (Aquastar & TK1 water heaters)
Danby Appliances (oven/ranges & laundry machines)
Flojet Pumps (pressure boost and general use pumps)
Malber USA (clothing washers & dryers)
Sun Danzer (dc chest freezers & refrigerators)
Sun Frost (energy efficient electric refrigerators)
ThinLite (energy efficient DC lighting)

Other Product Manufacturers:

Power Distribution, Other System Components

Anderson Power Products (SB Electrical Connectors)